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Posted. 29 October 2018

Whether you consider yourself an experienced driver or are just hitting the road, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest driving laws in the UK to ensure you don’t get caught out - and hit with a nasty fine.

We all know to drive on the left side of the road at all times, but do you know about the recent MOT changes that arrived this year, or that you can now be fined for engine idling in various parts of the country? Read on to learn all about this year’s changes.

Changes to your MOT

Back in May, the laws surrounding your MOT were changed by introducing varying levels of severity to each area of your car during its check. Each defect found in your vehicle will now be classified as either minor, major or dangerous, depending on how bad the defect actually is.

While any defect is bad news for your car, getting just one major or dangerous fault will mean an instant fail on your MOT. As a result, while it’s made it safer for drivers by spotting defects in more detail, it’s made it harder for everyone to pass their yearly test.

When it comes to minors, it is still possible to pass your MOT with them, but any will be written down on your MOT certificate for reference.

Avoid engine idling

Engine idling is a term used to describe when you leave your vehicle running when you aren’t actually driving it, for example waiting in your car while your friend runs into the supermarket quickly to grab a few things.

While leaving your car on saves you time when you need to hit the road again, it means your car is burning more fuel and having more of a negative impact on the environment than it needs to.

This year, the government put forward legislation to tackle this issue. At the time of writing, while the ban has not been enforced at a national level, there are a large number of councils which now have the ability to fine you if you are caught engine idling. If you’re not sure if your council has put the ban into effect, check out your local council’s website or contact them directly.

New laws on motorways

Good news for all of you looking to get behind the wheel for the first time - learner drivers are now able to drive on the motorway with an instructor under new rules introduced this year. While the instructor must be fully qualified and use a car with dual controls, it’s been praised as a way of easing new drivers into driving on the motorway, rather than allowing them to pass their test without any experience on a motorway at all.

For those who are experienced on the motorway, you may know how tempting it may be to use the hard shoulder to skip some traffic or use a closed lane briefly during busy times. While this has always been illegal, new laws mean drivers caught doing so will be given tougher penalties.

Those found doing so now face a £100 fine as well as three points on their license. Motorways around the country are also being fitted with newer cameras that will automatically be able to detect if you are in a lane that is closed, in an attempt to crack down on the number of drivers who do abuse closed lanes.

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