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Posted. 18 July 2018

Everyone loves that new car smell and feel, but without regular and proper maintenance, that ‘new car’ feeling fades fast.

As you spend the majority of your car time inside your car, the interior is just as important as the outside when it comes to maintenance. By protecting your car upholstery you can prevent most cases of wear and tear; you also improve the value of your vehicle if you decide to sell it.

Regular Vacuuming

By routinely vacuuming your car interior, you can ensure that any dust or dirt isn’t left behind. Make sure to remove all large rubbish items and any mats on the floor of your car. With the use of a brush head attachment when vacuuming, you can effectively tackle any dust or dirt that is embedded deep into your carpet fibres. By cleaning the carpet with the brush head attachment and vacuuming the carpet from various directions, you can ensure that dirt has been removed from coiled fibres of your carpet.

You can also use the brush attachment to get rid of any dust or dirt in your fabric car seats or boot. Leather seats also require vacuuming, but avoid using the brush head attachment as this can scratch the leather. Also, consider using a softer brush vacuuming tool to eradicate dust on your steering wheel or dashboard.

Seat Covers

Implementing the use of seat covers in your vehicle can prevent scratches and marks being made on your car’s seats. It is also particularly effective for occasions where you have small children or pets in your car, as the seat covers are sure to catch any food, fur or general mess. By catching these substances you can prevent them being rubbed and embedded into your fabric car seats, or falling into the folds of the seats. Be sure to also vigorously clean these seat covers, as they can quickly become dirty without regular cleaning.

Fabric and Leather Car Seats

Soda water or carpet cleaner are effective tools for removing stains, odours and general dirt from fabric car seats - as well as the floor of your vehicle. By scrubbing these materials into your fabric seats, you can restore your car interior to new or almost new condition. However, be sure to test any carpet cleaner products on a small patch of fabric to ensure it doesn’t fade or affect the condition of the fabric.

For leather seats, avoid using silicone, oil-based or wax products to clean your car seats, as these can damage the leather material. Also, limit the amount cleaning products and how often you clean your leather seats - as this can oversaturate or depreciate the quality of your car seats. Be sure to test products on a small area of the leather material to ensure that no damage will occur to the leather.