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Posted. 26 January 2018

With the wide range of cars available, from classic cars to supercars, consumers are spoilt for choice.

An ideal method to get the perfect car from a showroom is to import it from abroad, as imported cars are often cheaper. While seeming impractical, it is an approach that can be skillfully executed. Although it can be a complicated procedure, there is a safe way to import or export your car.

Using a car import/transportation service can help to reduce the stress and hassle of transporting your vehicle. By picking a reliable service you can be assured that your vehicle will be carefully attended to and fully insured should unforeseeable circumstances arise during importation. With the importing or exporting of an expensive supercar or classic car, the care afforded to your vehicle during travel is of utmost importance.

The bulk cost of importation or exportation of a vehicle is the taxes and fees associated with imported cars. To successfully import a car to the UK first the vehicle has to arrive in the UK. If the vehicle is both over 6 months old and has clocked over 6000 km, it can be imported from Europe to the UK completely tax-free. However, if it is a nearly new vehicle, the VAT needs to be paid in the UK. On arrival to the UK, the vehicle needs to conform to the UK type approval, this can be done through mutual recognition or IVA testing. Some cars, such as left-handed drive cars from Europe will require some modifications, like the headlight pattern and rear fog light.

Classic cars, like a Ferrari 308 or Chevrolet Corvette, follow a similar but slightly varied method; classic cars are not subjected to type approval but still need to pass an MOT test and specific modifications before registration. The registration process itself requires completing a form (V55/5) and paying a registration fee as well as the cost of vehicle excise duty. Ensure you have the necessary official paperwork as this also needs to be presented. The final step is to insure your vehicle so that is ready to face the road.

At Zenith Vehicle Management, we specialise in transporting your vehicle across the UK and select areas of Europe. From Fords to Ferraris, our fully enclosed transport trailers can deliver your car to a motor show, race event or photo shoot. We include extensive detailing treatments so your vehicle is pristine and ready. Find out more by sending us an enquiry.