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Posted. 23 March 2018

The phrase ‘they just don’t make them like they used to’ is one that most people have heard. In reality, some may say that they don’t make things like they used to because as a society, from clothing to technology, we’ve learned how to do things faster, cheaper, more efficiently, and perhaps even better.

However, the reason why we enjoy older things, such as clothes, films and transport, is that it creates a nostalgic feeling, and ultimately can take you back to a seemingly easier time - no matter what age you are. But does appreciating the past cause us to stop moving forward? And is new really better?

Classic or contemporary?

The history of classic cars has importance, as it shows us how we have progressed throughout the decades. The style and character of classic cars is an inherent part of their production, as their individuality is what makes classic cars special - even now. Owners of classic cars experience an awareness that they are owning a piece of the past. The bold colours and dynamic designs are enough to pull in even those who aren’t motor enthusiasts. Classic cars, much like most nostalgic objects of interest, are simple. They provide exactly the service that they promise. There are no extra features - unlike the multiple buttons in modern cars that perform numerous functions that you didn’t realise you needed.

As a result of this, when driving in a classic car, the experience is solely about the drive - rather than the distractions that modern cars provide. While modern cars perform better on the road, driving a classic car becomes an adventure where you truly experience every twist and turn of the road. Despite the ‘designed for comfort’ argument that seeks only to praise modern cars, and how smoothly they glide along roads while softly cushioning their driver, classic cars provide a thrilling sensation for drivers as they really feel the power of the engine.

A financial incentive

Financially, it is even easier to favour classic cars due to the 40-year rolling classic car Vehicle Excise Duty exemption. This means that drivers who own classic cars built before January 1978 are entitled to a zero-rated tax disk and are exempt from road tax. This only seeks to benefit drivers, as with each year that passes, more cars are included in this exemption. Classic cars are also seen as a great investment, as, unlike modern cars which lose value as soon as they leave the dealership, a classic car that’s looked after and maintained well appreciates in value as it gets older.

At Zenith Transport we understand just what your classic car means to you. That’s why we pride ourselves on a comprehensive range of services, including carrying valuable prestige cars safely all over the UK, ready for their next adventure. To find out more, contact us.